Is there a device for generating a world like Minecraft?

You can build different “maps” within your map, then use a loot table to randomly select a teleporter to teleport players to. Do you need any further instructions on this? Also, welcome to the community! If this works, mark a solution!


Or barriers. Different colored ones for different terrain. would take an insane amount of memory and effort though.

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Currently no easy way to implement randomly generated terrain.

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Procedural generation (the system minecraft uses) is not truly possible in a generic map with the current state of gkc. A simulation of it could be accomplished at heavy memory usage. An animated version is possible, but difficult and not easy to implement. Anyways, Welcome to the community.

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You could make a fake version. I know how to do it.

Ill make a guide later. On pseudo-map whatever you want to call it.

Like i could make it randomly generate pre built sections and remeber what other sections you went to.

(WAY oversimplified) Procedurally generating terrain is when the game uses built in rules in partnership with rng to generate relatively random terrain. Another main feature is that you can plug in the same data points to make the same world every time.

From what I could think, maybe you can add text and generate square emojis? @Blackhole927 has made a graphing calculator before, so I think it’s possible.

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Here’s my thought: You can use a display to make emojis for ground and stuff, and barriers for hitboxes. Barriers can be deactivated and activated to match the tiles shown with text.


This would take a lot of memory though.

i was about to say that then I saw it.

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Hey Thats_Gimpossible I think you might be the right person to help me :slight_smile:

I’m working on something else rn, but I can try. Also, every memory efficient way of doing this may be slightly flawed. I would just personally recommend you make a fixed map size, but randomize some parts of it, which would be easier and more reasonable since you don’t need an infinite map.

So, in other words, it’s not worth it to create an infinite map.
Just create a finite map with randomizations.
It will be a lot more fun as there won’t be as many limitations + more memory space

I assume you want a randomly generated world with tree and other nature props, which can be done using channels and a bit of block code.

To create it, get however many terrains you want. They will only be able to be a solid color, like red or blue. Turn on your grid and grid snap. Get a barrier device that is the color of you first terrain color. Place on barrier at every square on the grid. Do that for every terrain color. Next, get block code. It should be "chose random interger 1- however many terrain options there are. Have a property called, “count.” It should update from a counter that increments every time the code runs, and the code should broadcast “(count)[variable]” Each square should be associated with a number. So when the count is one, the first square updates. The variable determines what terrain goes in that square. Back to the counter, it should have a target goal of how many squares there are. When it reaches goal, broadcast stopgenerating. Lastly, there should be a checker.