Is it possible to make horror in Gimkit Creative?

I want to make some sort of horror game in Gimkit Creative, but I don’t know how to add the spooky aspect to it. Is it even possible? If so, how?

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Check some of the Community Made Guides

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Yes, Check out the guides @awesomeT43 and @awesomeT43 recemended.

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Here you go!

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Probably not. It would be quite terrifying if possible.

There are guides that you can use to make your own,

And I recomend using a barrier 0.20 black so it looks like night and use 0.10 and grey as fog.

Thanks for linking my guide! I appreciate it!!

These are not really creepy enough, the horror I’m looking for is stuff like the Mimic or the Backrooms

Well the thing is with this it has a size limit and props kinda ignore it

You have to position the barriers on the top layer, also you can use multiple to cover a large area.

But if there are two regions, each with their own barrier, you can’t really access the other region

What do you mean? Why wouldn’t you be able to access the other region?

Because let’s say if you spawn inside a barrier you can walk freely inside that barrier, but when you exit it, you can’t get back in, same thing happens

Turn off barrier collision

You have to turn off the barrier collision.(At the bottom of all options.)

oh I didn’t know that, anyway back on track. How can I make something that’s like the Mimic or the Backrooms?

Prop art?

alr i’ll try that, if it doesn’t work I’ll make another post, thanks for the help!

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