Is it possible to make a miniture farm like in farm chain

i want to be able to plant some things but don’t know how to make it so I can plant

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Use vending machines. Did something like that in my open world survival map. (Guide soon…)

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yes but how do you make it so that you can plant it in the ground?

For now you aren’t able to make it look exactly like the system in farmchain, but the main system is doable.

There’s a lot of guides you can choose from. Mark this as a solution if one of them works!

Don’t include mine. I might delete it.

You posted this twice. Also I realize that there is a flaw in the system now.

Oops, I meant to post RandomKid’s guide. Thanks for pointing it out!

Vending machines to show a prop. Button to grant item and hide prop (and deactivate button)