Interesting Uses For Props

Since I don’t see the use in putting something this large into a comment in one of the many, many, many alternate prop idea guides to be forgotten, I’ve compiled some ides for their uses here, not the ultimate guide but quite large.

  • The Knight (Created By Aubec7)
  • Cannon
  • Docks (Compilation of props, quite helpful for scenery)
  • Fancy House (Please excuse the wires, it’s part of a larger build. If you don’t like Count Bimbleton, that was just unjustified thank you very much!)

    This is still underway, so don’t expect it to be perfect, so if there’s any problems in the community guidelines, tell me.
    Trebuchet (BobTheBuilder123)

Nice guide!

Thank you, but it’s definitely not finished yet! If anyone has ides, including you, you can suggest it in the comments!

You, know, you could have added this:

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If its not finished I suggest adding the WIP tag. Also is the table in the door way in the manor part on the left supposed to be a door? Maybe turn it around? It might look more like a door then.

Though it is interesting, I feel like most of it is for just a compilation of props into another prop, mine is more of a… Blend of props and scenery, not just cool ideas, because the wiki IS good, just not my style.

I tried, it was helpful but I’m too lazy to change the whole picture, but thanks for the tip!

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In the fancy house, what’s underneath the bookshelves? Why are there buttons?

Also, how do you know how much memory you’ve used?

Gear in the bottom-left-corner > Editing Options > Scroll to bottom > Show memory

@GimGuy , this was my idea, please credit me for it?


@GimGuy , can you please credit me?

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Nice guide so far! Looks pretty good!

Alright, just with the medieval props, there have been dozens of knight variations, so I can’t fully find the ORIGIONAL knight, but thanks!

I did make the original knight but ok

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Nice guide GimGuy! (this is for the 20 character limit.)

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@Theaxolotl If you want to bypass the 20 character thing, use <>.
Warning: No symbols, only letters for it to work.

These ideas are cool!

Ok, thanks I didn’t know that.

Those buttons were part of a larger build, but it would be helpful for future builds on medieval maps.