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There is a policy on GKC where you are not allowed to publish games with copyrighted material on Gimkit Creative.
This includes games about:

  • minecraft
  • fortnite
  • roblox
  • fnaf
  • any game/material made by others

This is because these games were made by other companies and such. This means that you might be taking ideas from them and stealing their material, which can be a violation of the law.
To learn more about copyright:

It’s ok to keep your games private, but you shouldn’t profit off publishing work from other corporations. This would be defined as stealing in Gimkit.

Stealing other’s Gimkit Creative work

This also means you are not allowed to steal other people’s work. They worked hard, and by doing that, you are profiting off other’s work. This goes specifically to maps you copy.
Instead, try something yourself. Follow the Community Made Guides , and don’t copy maps from others. As stated by Gimkit themselves:

(from the Gimkit Content Guidelines)

However, stealing others’ GKC content is not as serious because a) you are not profiting off of it, and b) they are not profiting off of it, so publishing it as your own does not make them lose money.


When publishing copyrighted material, you are not exactly profiting off your game, but to protect the company’s integrity, there might not be much policies on this subject. More importantly, though, stealing content from copyrighted games such as the ones listed above is not okay because even though you aren’t profiting off of it, they would be, and you, by doing this, can be drawing attention away from their content, which makes them make less money.

Quotes from the TOS

This is the section that makes the content your property when you post it.

This means copyrighted material is against the laws.

Read the terms of service: Gimkit - live learning game show


noice psa/fa/idk because i’ve been noticing a couple of horrible ripoffs in discovery. it’s even worse than my bowel problems and their thumbnails are literally just screenshots of the game


I probably think gimkit MIGHT be associated with the copyright lawsuit (i don’t know if a lawsuit for a copyright even exists) since you built the game on that platform. Even so, nice PSA!


I think they are talking about thumbnails as well.


you also might want to note that:



stolen copyrighted material


that there is a fine line between inspiration and stealing copyrighted/other people’s stuff


Yes, because you are not allowed to post 3 things in your thumbnail:

  • Images from other games, movies, or shows
  • Memes
  • Pictures of people, animals, or other real life objects

Good ones, though:

  • Screenshot of your map
  • A custom thumbnail you designed for the map

(The thumbnail rules are in the 3rd slide on the publish option)


And yet everyone ignores these rules. (They’ve done a better job at it)


I don’t see the people breaking the 2nd or 3rd one, though. I only see people breaking the 1st one.


is that what you DONT WANT?







Its still there

(deleted post.)

Is this allowed?
Screenshot 2023-12-30 5.38.44 PM

Oh wait you mean the title

That is allowed cuz that’s gimkit (not exactly copyrighted)

he meant the title I think

You cannot really claim words as your own property.
As for images, using the among us logo is stealing the company’s art.

Nope, the thumbnail.

opps!!! sorry!

Trademark, Copyright?

Well, making tons of games doesn’t mean you’re a game developer who has a company, so i don’t think you can use the copyright sign.

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