Original use of #psa tag

So the psa tag was once used to opinionate the community: [📢PSA!] What is liked/disliked on this forum:, [📢 PSA! ] How to Become a GimAvenger or a Guardian of the Gimaxy,
Those PSAs were their original use, which was basically not related to the forum at all. The PSA topics were also used to tell people to stop doing a certain thing and such.

Is the original use of the psa tag bannable in this forum? I am not referring to new PSAs like Information about copyrighted material on Gimkit Creative or Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping) which have a completely new meaning. Those PSAs inform players to try new things, and are related to Gimkit.

So, I was wondering if Jeffo completely banned the original purpose of the psa tag.

I think it depends on the topic that it was used on.

Gimsolver, this belongs in Help, Community Made Guides is for guides and I suppose it could go in Devices, but that’s twofoursixeight’s choice whether or not to move it.

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Oop, now I see the question.

No, I think that Jeffo allows a few psas as long as they are very important like the 2-FA. But he will remove anything unnecessary. I would suggest just making GKC psas to be safe. GKC psas are allowed.

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I don’t think making one psa guide would get your account suspended but that doesn’t mean you should still do it.
As for the tag itself, GKC-Related psa s are allowed.

About forum-related ones, it really depends on the situation and what the guide is about.
Forum tips, probably no.
Most psa s are just repetitions of the TOS and FAQ.

If you really want to create a psa, I suggest messaging the moderators.


PSA’s were created when GimAi created one about the forums. Then, it grew a little off-course and became about other topics. After that, suddenly, there was a rush of PSA’s, FA’s etc. from new users (don’t know why) about the forums that were all basically restating the TOS and FAQ.

whoops, didn’t see you there @Haiasi


This probably refers to old-styled PSAs which are repetations of TOS and FAQ. @wingwave explained perfectly what happened to old TOS oriented PSAs very well.

And I suppose this refers to PSAs today as they contribute to the GKC experience.

Again, I marked wingwave as the solution as it perfectly explains the descent of Forum Psas, fyi.


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