Im trying to create a vendor, any tips or ideas?

So the vendor is a peaceful sentry bot, (Is that even possible?) that gives out items when you give him cash. Sort of like a vending machine. I was thinking to just add a vending machine in front of him, make it invisible, and so and so. Is there any tips or better ideas? Thanks!

P.s.- Is there a way to randomize what he gives you, but its a few select items?

You can’t have a peaceful sentry. The only thing you could do is make it be on the same team as you, which would require the game to be cooperative.

just make it do 0 damage

You can’t make it do zero damage, but you can put barriers around it! =) Is there anything else?

Can a sentry still shoot if you make a zone around it that doesn’t allow gadget fire (in zone settings)


Sorry I know I’m responding 10 days later

yep that works i just tested it


it looks as if its trying to aim at you but it cant shot

@TotallyNotToastii :slight_smile: (extra character)

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heres my way just incase you need something detailed


Oh this is really helpful for my city world as well :smiley: @Here_to_help !!


For The P.S.


aha use the barrier and add it so the sentry is IN the barrier

that’s also mine lol