I'm really bored and I want map ideas

I didn’t find anything interesting in the guides on this so I just want some ideas, I want something that is moderately hard, and makes me actually use my brain. (Maybe some map idea that involves block code, IDK)
Pls Help.

Well, we’ve cataloged LOTS of ideas.
Can you not find ONE thing that is good?

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Something moderately hard… Okay.

  • Chess
  • Deathrun
  • Card Game
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To be fair, pretty much every idea is very, very, very simple. I didn’t see anything interesting until I got into Blackhole’s Bitwise AND operation question.


What activities do you like IRL? Maybe make something based on your hobbits hobbies.


While you do have some good ideas I will keep this topic open so that I can get some more, thanks though!

I mean I think there is already soccer, a reading/library would be kinda boring but maybe if I could find a way to let the player play violin or something, (More thinking is required)

make 60 seconds roblox version in gimkit…im working on it with wolftech…its hard!
but should be EPIC game

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What is 60 seconds? I have roblox, but I don’t think I have ever played that game before…

Previously mentioned.

  • Chess
  • Card Game
    • Game like Super Auto Pets
    • Battler game where it’s a 1v1 with cards
    • Game such as Uno
  • 2D game
    • Platformer
    • Flappy Bird
    • Galaga or Pacman
  • Racing game (styled after Mario Kart)
  • Arena Battler (over time more and more powerful bots spawn, which drops gold or resources which you can use to craft better things. As you win you level up, and get stat points to upgrade your stats).
  • Tycoon, except it’s based on minigames. Each unlock gives a different minigame you can play for X money, but the difficulty goes up as you get higher “droppers” or whatever you call it.
  • 3D Raytracer (This is more a engine then a game, but’s a medium to advanced coding challenge, which I’d recommend learning about OpenGL for to try to replicate)
  • Hunger Games (Where you code in the disaster’s happening every 5 min or something, just like the original).
  • Speedruner’s Heaven; A game where your goal is to beat a maze or deathrun as fast as possible, and you get coins to upgrade yourself based on time. For Y coins, you can get better maps and stuff.
  • D&D: From experience, I can tell you that it’s near impossible to make a massive version of this due to memory limits, but you can make a several quest one.
  • Prison Escape: Modeled off the escapists, simple idea, complex code

Here’s the basic few of mine, if none of these fit with what you want I can write more…


That would be great!!!

I just have a feeling you like books, IDK why. So maybe make a treasure hunt where there are books (codex) spread around and you need to read (click on a button) to get it. The goal of the game is to “read” the most books.

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Maybe that is where…
That is a good idea though!!!

how about a constanly changing maze the walls move idk how complicated that is but it will be cool to try and get through a maze thats always changing

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Hmm, sounds complicated, Great!!!
But how would that work, maybe constantly activating or deactivating barriers or props,. (More thought is required)
That is an awesome Idea!!!

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Edited my post…

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your welcome maybe a random number genorator (idk if this exist) that activates every 30 seconds to a minute and the number that it choses can change a certian set of walls

I guess I will mark a solution.
Thanks to everyone that contributed to this topic though!!!

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a racing game i would like to see that ive been asking for a game in the ideas page

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Which one are you choosing?