Im making an endless hallway and I'm wondering how do you make it to where if you pass through a teleporter a certain amount of times a questioner pops up

Help me look above at the title that’s what I need help with

could you be more elaborate with what you want help with?

teleporter → increment counter
target value reached → open question answering screen


Teleporter, Counter, Questioner

(counter settings)
target value: certain amout
Scope: player

teleporter, counter: player teleported here — increment counter
counter, questioner: target value hit – open questioner screen

endless hallway guide
edit: there the link should work now

yeah but then it glitches and says this

are you on mobile? it happens all the time to me.
are you on desktop? reload

im on laptop and it happened several times

introducing the magic fixer…


yeah you just have to reload to fix it

or update your computer


how do you make the HUGE text?

# huge text lol

huge text lol

anyways that shouldn’t be much of a problem, just annoying. if you’ve tested it out, then mark a solution

its probably the updates

thank You very Much

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that was very big

I don’t understand what you guys are doing but maybe you could use

that is miniscule

use what @Mythemi? hmmmm?

You should add a delay in between the counter and popup.

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Screenshot 2024-03-25 8.21.47 AM
Cannot Read Properties of Null - The Questioner Glitch Explained
Maybe this will help?