I'm making a dungeon map and I need ideas

I’m making a dungeon map and I need ideas.

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You could make an escape room or an escape from the dungeon kind of game.

Ok. Do you need prop/room designs or just theme ideas?

Also a thumbnail would be nice

room ideas is what I’m looking for

You could have prison cells with beds, desks, etc.

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oh I like that a lot

i can make you a thumbnail ask Artie i made her one

any specific gims wanted?

a room thats flooding with water or poisonous gas and your have to figure out how to get out.
here’s some guides for that.

(it depends on if your map is platformer or top-down.)

no not really I dont

OK got it!

@speedy_kd4 I like that idea

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I can help with that. But first I need these things:

Thumbnail Questions
  • What gims?
  • What is the title?
  • What are the props?
  • What colour?
  • Are you ok if it’s photoshopped?

Ozi and sirath
the dungeon of daggorath
dark and gloomu
yea, why not
also, thank you alot ! :slight_smile:

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