Im making a dnd map. is there any guides that would help me add things

i can add that to warrior and fighter

anything specific you need help with?

not realy. just to see if there are any guides to for like, a sword that a player can use

maybe use these guides?

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Cool idea!

is there a way to make a player go invisible

Not currently, sorry.


this is a link to what i have so far. /creative/map/65ae9b22eccc860031eaaea9

add the HHPTS there, it wouldn’t allow me

You don’t need the HTTPS. But just sayin

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Oh, ok. Never knew that!

like your proffile picture

Wait, what you mean?

your ROBLOX aviator.

Like the username of it?

If I dont understand, I won’t ask anymore. Cause off topic.

Nice map, but link sharing is not for the forums. Do it on the discord server or smth. (nice map though)

@goulet that is a great idea! I think you should add paladins(:slight_smile:

Also half elfs and Dragonborns would be cool.