Im making a dnd map. is there any guides that would help me add things

HELP i need ideas for a map and i want something more. I only have a wizard class and a ranger class.

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Are you looking for roles to add?

Warrior class if the answer is yes

yup. well evreything! i need ideas

soldier? (I made one myself, and published it)


What does DND mean? Cause I don’t know what it stands for.

dungeons and dragons. it is a roleplaying game where you choose a class and fight monsters

Alright, then my idea is make boss fights, like example lets say after a certain amount of time lasers can activate to make their “special ability”

or just add loot drops maybe, example its randomized every time you eliminate a mob or enemy.

Add quests with popups by having a sentry on the same team as you so it won’t attack and adding a zone around it that when stepped into has the popup telling the quest.

Also like Txme said, you could add bosses, I was thinking you could put props together to form what looks like the bosses in DND, and hide the sentries behind it so it fires it’s “attacks.”

good idea. how would i do that. mabey a counter

my next idea adding to the boss, getting inspiration from shark boi. spawn enemies and sentries around! or… put lots of sentries down on top of the boss, so they are all on top of each other, and make their accuracy super low, but the best speed, lots of range, and choose your weapon of choice. I’ll say zapper, which gives a crazy ability. you can disable it after a certain amount of time.

for which? loot? or boss?

What do you mean by a counter?

its a device to help count, really useful.

he asked how he could do a special ability or lootdrops

for random loot drops, integers randomized are useful. just find a randomize tutorial, and for special abilities, counter or trigger. for trigger, use the delay to remove and add. counter for a limit maybe.

You could make special abilities by having an overlay that has a button that links up to a damage boost that only lasts a few seconds. The button would be called Searing Smite.