Im back! (plus i need suggestions for my map)

Sorry for being inactive after June, because i had some serious technical difficulties, but im back.
Currently checking the notifications rn.
Also, I’m making a new map:
its kind of like a dungeon, but with 3 lvls. the 1st is so easy, all you do is collect fruit. the 2nd is a maze-like small-ish dungeon. the third one is going to include portals that lead to other rooms, so its hard to find your way out
im including loot boxes, healing stations, fruit trees, poison rooms, sentry bosses, etc.
i wanna make it more exciting, so any suggestions?


Welcome back! I’d suggest a merchant!

Welcome back!

Maybe player classes?

how active is this wiki?
1 minute and already 2 posts

It seems kind of dead to me. Usually there are like 3-4 guides a day.

my profile is clogged with notifications

I’ve heard that the forums were very off-topic in June. Not now. We’ve had 2 regulars have perma IP bans today :frowning: So be careful!

Welcome back! And here look at these guides

Let me know if these help!

Welcome back! Congrats on getting the user of the month badge! I suggest you make the fruit room a maze.

a merchant?
i was also gonna include a crafting center, like a workshop, where u craft things to get other stuff (like minecraft)

._. half my notifications are people talking about my post on moving fog, the other half talking about user of the month
hold up

Yeah. User of the month. I joined in like August, so I don’t know who you are. I only know what other people have been talking about.

Yes, you have been the only 100 percent reasonable pick for user of the month so far because the system for picking it is broken. Maybe in the rooms there are coins you can use to buy crafting recipes.

I just avoid the subject.

time to keep it on-topic
i dont really have a main currency, but im going to include keycards, cash, and energy, with energy being the most valuable

try adding like lore into your game

might do that in my other map

Add some secret caves with cool stuff/loot.

nice idea
maybe ill make an destroyable prop among other non-destroyable props with an invisible teleporter leading u to another room

A lock to a secret room using a simple game as the lock. Memory match would work perfectly for that.