If Gimkit were to add 1 [actual] song to GKC, what should it be?

The title explains the ?

Isn’t this a tad off topic? Either way, as an opinion they should add (after a lot of thought) Come and Get Your Love by Redbone (first song in GOTG soundtrack)

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Probably a popular band, with no swear words.
I would personally wish for Steam Powered Giraffe.

Say what now?

I don’t want to get flagged, just search it up, it’s a band.

And you say what, now?

Oh, alright. That’s good.

I was thinking more like Riptide or A Thousand Years, but I don’t think anyone else would use that in a game.

Riptide! I love that song! I would also suggest something by Tom Petty

This is off-topic, as it’s not related to GKC.

My opinion

“Megalovaina” or “Spider dance” from Undertale

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Maybe more epic music, like Midnight Oil.

But guys, I can already see that people will just be talking about bands and go off-topic so please close this.

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Yeah, we should get back on topic. Tomorrow, I’ll create a poll with these answers here, so can u all check it out then?

This is on topic because the blog is about Gimkit and not like Duolingo or something.

add a delta rune song or undertale

This is off-topic because this forum is not for suggestions

Oh, sorry, @Foxy. Lets all just get off this and onto relevant things. I marked a solution.

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