Ideas for powers in my map

I need 1 more power, so far I have speed boost, Attack damage boost, and siphon

healing is very important

how about invisabillity, or healing powers, maybe random telaportation or slow the speedd of your opponets

I already have siphon. (getting health when you kill players)

So not healing related

less speed but you regenerate shield slowly

randomly telaport someone of the enemy team

Is there A way to make a player temporarily invincible

maybe lets get someone technical @WolfTechnology is this possible or @Foxy

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There is a guide on this that you can look at.


That guide is just for tagging.

oh you mean to ammo… Let me look.

I mean from gadgets :grinning: :grinning: :frowning:

ok so off of what i can find it would have to be in the main settings. But you can only reduce the damage, not accually make them take no damage from a shot.

you can also make hp burn with pseudo health

Do you have any other Ideas for powers @WolfTechnology

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the simple solution is to give the player health every second
this won’t work with one shots

Ok thanks for the help

yeah you would need to use a relay to keep the tanker power up from reducing the tankers dmg

oh wait should have read a bit first lol I’m blind 0.o