How to add invincibility to your game (🟩)

Ok, so some people have been wanting Invisabits. This is different, but I got the idea of invincibility from it. Anyhow, invincibilty can be a key powerup to enhance strategic gameplay, and the overall fun of your game!


Before we begin, I want to point out that this concept only works with tagging, not with gadgets and knockouts. Sorry if that is an inconvienience.


Obviously, you are going to need a tag zone. Make sure that it doesn’t respawn you by default.


Get a property device. Name it something like ‘Invinsibility’. Now, set it to player scope and true/false.


Now, wire the tag zone to a trigger, and do this in blocks:

Get property (Invisibility) = False
Broadcast message on channel (tagged)

Get a game overlay but that says “Become Invincible” Wire it to a checker that checks for a certain item amount. That item will be what you need to become invinsible. Wire the overlay to an item granter that grants -1 of that item. In blocks (when item granted) do this:

Set property (Invisible)
Value [True]
Broadcast message on channel (starttimer)

Get a repeater that starts when receiving on (starttimer). Have it run as long as how long you want to be invincible. When repeater runs task, broadcast (endtimer). Now go back to the item granter and into blocks when receiving on endtimer. Then run this block code:

Set property (Invincibility)
Value [False]

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