Ideas for obstacle course type game (like Mario)

I have used lasers, sentries, and “lava” using zones. I know I’m missing something! Any ideas? Thanks

Yes, we need the Don’t Look Down style game

Add landmines and sticky zones.


Maybe have platforms that you can only stand on for so long?

That would be cool! How would i do that?

(Zone) Player Enters Zone —> (Trigger) Trigger

(Trigger) Triggered —> (Respawn) Respawn Player

Set delay to whatever you want.

I mean the platforms, how would i time it?

You would have a delay set on the trigger for however long you want

But wouldn’t it go off anyway?

Isn’t that what you want?

Have trigger hide prop when player stands on it, and have the trigger delay be set to how long you would want. (I think that’s how it would work, i couldn’t find any tutorials.)

Yeah but it would take longer than just immediately stepping on it and respawning

Only if you are on it for a certain amount of time…

That’s what the zone does…

Yeah that’s what a delayed trigger would do, it wouldn’t broadcast to the channel or send a pulse to the wire unless you are in the zone for a certain amount of time

I thought that was what you wanted, what were you thinking?

I just tried it and it does not work…

I just tried and it didn’t work…

Can you send a screenshot of your wires/channels?
It should work.

That’s all the devices, right?