Ideas for Good Dreams and Bad Dreams (Anything Additional)

So, in my latest help needed, I asked if there are any ideas for dreams and here is the link to it:

but now I need some ideas for good dreams and some good type of decorations I can put. Any ideas?

next time try to ask addition questions in the other post if its not closed instead of making new ones

Okay @Foxy . I will next time.

yeah it fine just next time
good dreams can kinda just be random things like candy and cake and whatnot

Okay. I’m using a camera view to make it so not everything can be seen.

keep this open and i can help in a hour or 2. im doing work

Okay, I will @Legobuilder . See you soon! By the way, I could respond tomorrow since I might not be on after 3:00.

Anyone else have any ideas for good and bad dreams with anything additional?

I’ll take all suggestions :slight_smile: no matter good or bad! :slight_smile: :wink:

from the other idea posts Bees : the entire script of the bee movie and if you click out it restarts

Okay, thanks for that @Quimblo ! The Bee Movie? I actually don’t know that if it’s a movie.

the bee movie - Google Search the bee movie

Okay, thanks! I will check it out.

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is this supposed to be nice and happy and upbeat?

Yep, yes. A normal dream. Sorry, I was busy helping someone else in another topic.


Perhaps a light-coloured theme. Clouds and stuff. For nightmares do the opposite, dark, eerie. Good luck. If you need more ideas, ping me! Best of luck.

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How about a few different sections where after each one a bunch of text emoji clouds appear over the screen in an animated covering it teleports you to next part of dream then it dissolves away and you see the next part of yoru dream.

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@Princess2216 a Bad dream idea: A notification: RUN. Sentries appear, the room gets smaller, and you die, waking up. @Dark_Hydra here!
I edited it, @Artemis

Your profile picture is SO CUTE!

have you watched the bfg, with the land of dreams?
it would be epic totake inspo from that

note u can re texture things using @CassiusDoomlorde ´s method of using inspect tool so using this might be useful only thing is it only works on your screen nobody else´s

That doesn’t really apply to this, there is no point in doing so.