Dreamy Ideas for My Game

So, I want to make a game where there is an invisible button that the player can press near the bed and that button will teleport them to an empty place (that is where they are in their dream and they stay there until the next day). Any ideas on how I can make this into a dreamy game. I tried putting an item granter so when player teleports in there, they get an evil eye and there is a ball in front of them (from blastball) and they will shoot and hit into the net. Anything I need to change or anything to improve on?

you should have a nightmare realm and a Dream Land, for good and bad dreams.

Okay, do you know how to make it so when the player presses on the button they randomly teleport to either the good dream or the bad dream, @WolfTechnology ?

Nvm, I figured it out.

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