Ideas for bee swarm simulator

yeah it’s going to be hard to make

Ideas? Ideas for what exactly…?

Like how to make it and what to put in it

For bees you can use pseudo inventory

what’s that…?

A fake inventory simulation
Like pseudo health
How to make a custom inventory (Pseudo Inventory) (Difficulty: :yellow_square:)

Boss battles shouldnt be hard

What is the goal of this game exactly?

To get and collect lots of bees

And do you fight the bosses with your bees?


You could try using sentries as bees that you can buy to help you fight bosses.

I was planning on custom sentries for bosses tho…

This is going to be kinda hard since bees are not in gimkit, but I bet you can use barriers to make it look like a bee?

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Or make bees with some barriers. Sorry (I know this is off topic but only for @Kormorant ) but why do you keep leaving the same every few minutes and chose a different game

I have a guide like this:

You also collect honey and pollen and stuff


Make text with🐝ALL OVER your map. Write A LOT OF BLOCKS nad wire the texts to show when recieving on (x coordinate of text, y coordinate of text). I’m not a block code expert so i have little idea on how to make the swarm effects

Using what people have said you should put :honeybee: in a text box over a sentry ( My idea: so the bee covers the sentry ) and have the bees help you, and have it so for every bee every (However many minutes) gives you an item that counts for honey. Then have it so ever (Longer amount of minutes) you get pollen and on screen, you can see how much pollen you have and how much honey you have.

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We’ll see what happens, but I’ll mark a solution.