Ideas for a new Gimkit Map - ANY AND ALL ACCEPTED!

Hello. I am planning on making a Gimkit Map for EVERYONE to play. I want ANY AND ALL IDEAS PLEASE!!! I will post link once done.


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This is an idea I used for Gimkit101, but they already had a base game:



There is a siren that is holding you, the player, in a magic prison, and you have to find the 5 coral keys to give to the siren, who cannot due to the magic and danger, so that she will give you the main key to escape.

Perhaps, as an easter egg, you can place the keys somewhere else, and they give you an item, gadget, of great power that the siren planned to use, and use it to “defeat” it; you still win. She would drop the main key, but it would hide her shop, as she was now “defeated.” This could free up space for a sequel… The siren uses the weapon and you have to stop her?

However, this has a timer. In the corner, the timer is the “Oxygen Left.” After you run out of oxygen in your hidden tank, you drown.

If knocked out, they will return to the siren, without their supplies, but with their gadgets.

When the game starts, many randomizers are used to determine which which items go where, all hidden except for the ones being used, along with the devices that dicate their systems, so it appears to be a different arrangement every time.

Waypoints are used to locate the key locations and the siren.

The Keys

They are items, most likely blue keys, or some other water-related item, that are found in 5 different locations within the large prison. The siren cannot retrieve them herself, it is too dangerous, and there is a spell preventing it. The first location is the Coral Cove, a shallow area where you can find a coral reef, and also the key, which you have to find within the coral, like a maze. You can also encounter animals. Grabbing fish will give you fish, which can be sold to the siren for shards. You can also find these animals, sparse coral and vegetation, rocks, and fish in-between the key locations. These are randomly generated. The second is the Shipwreck, where you have to find the key, hidden in a chest, while fleeing a mummy ( a very powerful ozi sentry), drowned with the ship. There are also lost relics you can pick up, giving you shards. The third is the Lost City. You find the key in a large chamber, but must get past the Lost Temple’s defenses. The fourth is the Crystal Cave, and underwater cave where you must mine, using your pickaxe, dynamic blocks. However, there are also crystals and coral mized in. You must give this to the 'Cavelock," (a special vending machine) which will open the chamber. The crystals and coral give you shards, which when given the to Cavelock along with some dynamic blocks, will bring you into the chamber where you can get the fourth key. However, the cave is trapped, and you must dodge traps and falling rocks and immense drops to reach the key. The fifth is the Midnight Trench. You have to d!ve [1] to the bottom to retrieve magma rocks and other obstructions to clear a path to the key, but, using zones, you have more pressure. It uses a timer using a counter-timer, a counter repeating itself, until it reaches it’s time, and is sent to another counter repeating itself, connected to a damaged. It will knock you out, sending you, not back to the siren as usual, but to the edge of the trench, right outside the zones. After it is finished, and all debris is cleared, it will activate a button, which will “activate” a submarine. Using a camera-point-cutscene, it will show them going up or down in the submarine, depending on the button pushed in the control room, but it is really just teleporters. Then, you have 60 seconds to locate the key. Like most things in the game, it uses a randomizer when the game starts to choose where it will be, so it is different each time. There are also Sulkers down there. Then you return to the subarine, and return to the seabed.


These are an in-game currency, where you can buy upgrades and items from the siren, and simple gagdets that can be used to ward off sentries called “Sulkers,” n@sty creatures you encounter between the key locations which can harm you. These are randomly generated. Health and shield, via direct or items, or both, can be bought with shards from the siren. Another thing that can be found are giant oysters, and in some are pearls, which when grabbed become shards. These are randomly generated.


Once you get the main key, you have a new waypoint revealed, to the exit. However, a new timer has started, overridden if it is more than the game timer, but is five minutes. Durring that time you must solve a randomized puzzles, dodge Sulkers and obstacles, and insert a passcode using galactic alphabet letters (ᔑ ʖ ᓵ ⟍̅ ᒷ ⎓ ˧ ⍑ ¦ ⋮ ꖌ ᒲ リ ꖎ 𝙹 !¡ ᑑ ∷ ᓭ ℸ ̣ ⚍ ⍊ ∴ ̇/ ǁ ⨅) from hidden around the map, in order of the key location they were at, and the order is the ones I presented, 1-5, above in the “The Keys” section. Finally, they insert the key, get a quick cutscene, and the game ends. I recommend custom widgets,

Passcode Guide:


I hope you like my idea!

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Thank You! I will try and do it!

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