How to make a password protected barrier

How to make a password protected door:
Things you will need:
1x Questioner
1x Barrier or prop you want to block the door
First, make a new kit, called password. Make it 1 question with a typed answer and set the question to: What is the password? Set The answer to the password you want. Then press done.

Go back in game and place a Questioner down go get the view link of the kit you just made and insert the link into the Questioner.
Screenshot 2023-11-21 9.04.59 AM
Then wire the Questioner to the barrier or prop. Question answered correctly → Deactivate barrier. One last thing. Since gimkit makes you see what the answer is if you get in wrong, put down a wire repeater with a delay of 0 and wire the Questioner to the wire repeater Question Answered Incorectly —> repeat the wire pulse. Then wire the wire repeater back to the questioneer When the wire recieves a pulse —> close question answering screen. That should be it.


great guide, but you might need some pictures so it doesn’t get flagged

Nice guide, it seems hard to find an easy password system

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Nice guide! Remember, pictures are powerful!


Try to omit your personal information (1st picture)
Otherwise, cool guide!

how do u find the kit link

You can just make your own kit, with your own unique password

no like how do i in my own

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Great guide!

But dosnt it tell you the correct awnser whe you get it wrong…

Go to and click on the 3 dots (…) and press open, and copy that link that you are on

Nice guide! I never thought of using a Questioner as a password!


the guide fixes that
with a wire repeater, the questioner closes the screen when the answer is wrong, meaning the correct answer is hidden

pretty clever, both memory-efficient and easy to understand

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Oh my bad I must have skimmed through it too fast.

You might want to credit this guide:

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but this guide is a better improvement with 1) pictures and 2) preventing the questioner from showing the correct answer

Ik but you should always credit guides made before.

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{Extremely Large Bump} Oh, and also I think this is a WONDERFUL design! :smiley: