THEHACKERIAN way into making Special Abilities

SuperPower Overlay

Take out an overlayoooooo and change the settings to:

You can change the overlay text based on the superpower the overlay is gonna be connected to and the position of the overlay can be anywhere.

How to make it so that people can't spam their superpowers

Take out 2 wire repeaters.
Make one the default settings aka don’t change anything.
Change the 2nd wire repeater with a delay of whatever you want; try to think of how good the superpower is and make the delay longer on whichever superpower you think is good and should have a longer delay aka cooldown.

Wire the overlay to the default wire repeater:

After, wire the default wire repeater to the overlay:

Then, wire the default wire repeater to the other wire repeater
Finally, wire the wire repeater with the delay to the overlay:

Timer for superpowers

So for most of the superpowers you get teleported into a box for your superpower, and that’s the teleporter used in the steps (I’m just gonna call it teleporter A)

Take out a trigger, leave it at default and connect the teleporter A to the trigger:

and take out a repeater (yes, I’m a menace to society, you can use triggers instead of repeaters but this isn’t my real map so I’m just using a trigger) and change the repeater’s settings to:
and connect the trigger to the repeater:

Then, take out a counter that has a target number of whatever you put as your time to run on the repeater:
Connect the repeater to the counter:

After all that, take out a zone that covers the entire box and isn’t active when game starts:
then connect the counter to the zone:

Take out a teleporter (calling it teleporter B) and place it on your main battleground (or wherever the players were before the special power was activated.)
Finally, connect the zone to the teleporter B in your main battleground:


Superpower 1

If you press the overlay, this Superpower will imprison another player in the same box as you but the other player loses all their weapon(s).

Start off with a box (I literally spent 3 seconds on da box)
Place two teleporters on the box (wherever you want)
Connect the superpower Overlay to one of the teleporters:

Then, take out a relay that saids:
After, connect the superpower overlay to the relay:

and connect the relay to the second teleporter:

Take out an item granter(s) (or how many you need depending on what weapons you can get in the game)
and make sure its -1 granted:
Since the relayed teleporters is the second one, connect the second teleporter to the item granter

aannnnnd your done with superpower number 1!

Superpower 2

This super power is one where you get regeneration in health and shield in a private room.

Make a small box with a teleporter in the middle:
Then, make another superpower overlay that isn’t visible when on game start,
connect the overlay to the teleporter:

Take out a default trigger and two wire repeaters with whatever delay you want.
Connect the teleporter to the trigger:

Then, connect the trigger to the first wire repeater:

After, connect the first wire repeater to the second repeater and the second repeater to the first one so it looks like:
Take out a health granter that has settings like:
Then, connect the second wire repeater to the health granter:

and you’re done with superpower 2!

Superpower 3

This superpower you can propel forwards for 0.1 seconds.
Credit to @Stealthknight for telling me mechanics for this one and to @Haiasi for testing and showing me how they work

Star off with a superpower overlay, and connect it to a speed modifier with the speed 4x:

Then take out a trigger and add the delay of 0.1 to it:
Connect the overlay to the trigger:

Take out a speed Modifier, leave it at default, and connect the trigger to the default speed Modifier:

aaannnnd your done with superpower 3!

Superpower 4

This superpower is one where you summon TNT(s).

Start off by making a basic TNT:
For whatever barris, props, text, etc you use, make sure everything on your TNT isn’t visible when game starts.
Take out a superpower overlay and wire it to everything on your TNT and make it so that whatever prop, barrier, text, etc on the TNT turns visible:

Take out a zone and make sure it covers your TNT.
Change the zone’s settings so it isn’t activated on game start.
Connect the overlay to the zone:

Then after that, take out a trigger with the delay of any number between 0.1-1:
Connect the overlay to the trigger:

Then go to 💥 Collision Emoji, Boom Emoji, Crash Emoji and copy the collision emoji, and place the collision emoji on your text device:
Make sure the text where you put the emoji on isn’t active on game start.
After that, connect trigger to text device:

Place the text device on top of the TNT.
Finally, connect the zone you placed over the TNT earlier in the instructions and connect it to a damager that does whatever damage you want:

Superpower 5

This is a super basic superpower but might come in handy

Start off with a superpower overlay.
Take out a relay with the audience of a random player:
connect overlay to the relay:

Now, for this superpower you can do a lot of things.
You can connect the relay to a speed modifier and make a player go super slow, connect the relay to a damager and damage a player, or connect the relay to a item granter and make a player lose an item.

Superpower 6


Superpower 7


Superpower 8


Superpower 9


Superpower 10


btw there probably will more superpowers in the future

I made this a wiki so I have infinite editing time, don’t edit this guide please


Nice guide!

Hope you can finish!

I was thinking about giving the player a machine gun quantum portal as a superpower.
Maybe you could give them super-speed for a few seconds.



I was thinking they get superspeed for like 0.1 seconds so they just propel forwards


:0 actually? Thx

@Kosm0-o I forgot my account password so I used the password to get on GCP and can’t reply on the padlet but sure, go ahead, you can create your own guide


Nice guide. Thanks for noting what the superpowers do, using dropdowns cough cough ClicClac cough, and being visual. At times we all overlook the small details, but so far you’ve hit all the marks :>


If it’s a wiki…
Shouldn’t it have the wiki tag?
Maybe not though.


It’s a wiki so he has infinite editing time, so I would say no wiki tag.


Can’t wait for the end product!


can u go on gcp?
@THEHACKER120 oh shoot i forgot sorry T_T


You could make a flying super power by making it so when you click game overlay (Fly) → broadcast “Flying” → barriers color white, no collision and no border appear for singular player → also grants things like “Go down” and also can fly over props now as they changed for players only also are smaller (To look like flying). This should only be used for smaller maps unless you wanted to take awhile and had spare memory. A thing to improve is the players do not shrink ad can attack you on the ground… so Like could make arrows that sho.ot and players smaller. Nice guide!


Also with new coordinates, you could make barriers that are endlessly going into blocks code seeing the property’s of player and activating barriers that have the same background of the area. (Should only be used for like 15 by 15 maps because time consuming and memory devouring creation)

(this makes invisible.)


Nice guide, superpower 4 is the g.o.a.t

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I just realized I made superpower 2 so that you keep on regenerating after you leave the room :man_facepalming:
I’ll have to fix that.



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