I want to make rainbow friends

i need help making ainbow freinds

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what

I think i might be able to help(And yes i know the game)

what mechanics do you need help with exactly?

ohhhhhhhh it is a game :grimacing:

Found it on Roblox, @Mikey

O, Ik that game, it was REEEAAALLLYY popular like 7 months ago

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My suggestion, @bendyandink , Is if you do plan on making it, than your gonna have to figure out how to make the sentries(for the Entities in the game) to move.

Wouldn’t the mechanics be kinda like that of an FAF game???

Basically, because @bendyandink 's Game is based off of rainbow friends from roblox, he needs to include the chasing mechanic’s. Just like the actual game

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You might want to see what Captain Gim does in his guide and see if you can get an idea on how to do the rainbow friends.

(I could help you if you need)


Nice, This could help with my map too! :+1:

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Wow look you said my name it me @Captain-Gim


Lol, :laughing:

Okay! I can j0in you and show you all the systems.

Yeah I don’t think he wants fnaf, more like "collect items and put them in a machine.

Did you actually think it was @Captain-Gim @Crimson_Knight


Yeah, sorry, lol.
The pfps are so confusing


Well, he’s not responding, I hate it when people make a post and never come back to check.

  • Purple would be pretty easy, just make a zone by the vent and have the player teleport to like a jumpscare or something, and respawn.
  • Blue would use a lot of deactivating sentries, and the players would have to have a very low health with the sentries having a low shooting range.
  • Green would be the same as blue, longer shooting range
  • Orange would have a set path, and probably a respawn zone
  • The boxes would have to deactivate the kill zones, or place a barrier
  • The gathering of items would have to do with doing something with checkers, item granters, and some notification?
  • Chase scene is kinda just the blue mechanics
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