I want to make rainbow friends

for chasing games, I just set the ppl trying to chase the other people to ACTUAL players, Although sometimes this doesn’t work

Yes it is annoying…

yeah, what you did, @chrysostom , is probably not gonna work. Also @Temmie , that fnaf tutorial thing was to help with movement for the entities(For the Rainbow Friends)

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i mainley need help with the mechanics for all the monsters

You could create a straight tunnel for it to happen and you can use wire repeaters and barriers for the sentry to appear again but if you want something like with rooms and stuff that is not possible yet although you create a game like hide and seek with a weapon that is only given to one person sorry if this is too much though.

Technically you don’t have to use sentries for all the entities or whatever you call them and instead you could use randomly selected players and just give them different ability’s.

See my post above
If you have any further questions contact me

i want to use players

i mainley need help with cyan and yellow

maybe i should just make zoonomaly…

no i’ll stick with rainbow freinds

but i might use senterys

Hi! It seems like your game won’t be good if it uses sentries, Can you give me the c0de to your map and I can j0in? Then give me edit permissions, I will show you how to make things!

we cant do that on the forum maybe i can email you it?

If you do plan on using sentry’s you’re gonna need a lot also for yellow, you can just make one sentry randomly appearing on the map an like teleporting the player somewhere.

that is possible, however this isn’t very memory efficient.
im assuming you need the sentries for a chase scene? instead of using sentries, just use barrier-art of a gim for the chase part, and then activate it when the sentry is needed (for shooting).

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