I want to know how to make a melee weapon

I just need someone to do some work for me and research a melee weapon on Gimkit? I have already tried myself so I need y’all to help me cause I’m too stupid…

you cant really make that. But! you can suggest it

get nolted

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Using tag zones is one way, I guess. Gimkit generally doesn’t have the support for melee weapons yet.

I’m hoping that they will add a few melee weapons in the future.

it would be cool :blush:

Please mark a solution if you got a good answer :slight_smile:

This might work:

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mark this as solution please it should work

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Well you should do something stationary, like a laser/wire repeater mix so when you go in an area and press a button you activate a laser that can attack like a melee weapon. Anyways, remember to mark a solution.

Why is everyone pestering me about solutions when I still DON’T HAVE A SOLUTION?

Currently there is no melee weapon in the game. You could use a tag zone though.

I tried that but it instantly kills them. I want it so where when I hit them it does a certain amount of damage instead of just killing them.