I wanna make a top playing gimkit game!

I wanna make a top playing gimkit game cause the games I made barely get played so I wanna make a top played game but I don´t know where to start!

Welcome to the forums @C0nn0R please read forum-beginners and the TOS and FAQ.
as for your question just give it time and give it updates then and now.
I understand how you feel, say what are your other games?

Elemental themed games where you could team up or fight each other

As in Disney’s Elemental®?

No it reallt revolves around space creatures that use elements

You are basically a agent trying to fight them

Okay, maybe try using more common keywords in your description. (But make sure it relates to your game)

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Ok thats smart thanks

If you want to make a good game, in #1 you should have talked about what type of game you want to create instead of just vaguely stating you want fame (which basically everyone does).
Nobody can help you if you fail to describe your idea.


That is very true, I´m feeling like an journey game, where the player goes around learning ¨Something¨(maybe like spells with magic or something). and they prepare for a big boss fight of some sort fighting something unique not just a sentry!

Also remember to read the Community guidelines too, if your game is percieved as inappropriate, offensive, etc. etc. you can get permenatly banned from Gimkit. (as in your account will be deleted). if you need a thumbnail a the art-request tag to your post so thumbnail creators will see. And please make sure to use original thumbnails, I have a Google doc of all games that break the Community guidelines and a good 90% of them are unoriginal thumbnails and the 50% of that 90% are copyrighted and can get DMCAed

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With my element games I make sure to use my own thumbnails usually with the element symbols that I created.

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Untitled design
Usually something like this

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The Thumbnail Looks Fine In My opinion

so steps to making a top playing game I would guess would be

  1. taking a look at trending at taking inspiration (not the idea itself) from a map
  2. see what people actually want or think is cool like npc and player interactions or a narrator
  3. include nice and smooth mechanics that go along with the game
  4. lore. lore always add lore if you add good lore that is hard to find and is mysterious enough it’ll have people playing it more to find out the rest of it
  5. make it so you can interact with a variety of things not just like a one button pointless clicker that does nothing
  6. add possibilities it gets people excited for what they could get like eastereggs good weapons etc.
  7. make sure the lore is nicely paced between fast and slow and don’t make the game too fast or too long play test your map first to see if it is the perfect length
  8. reduce lag by removing unneeded devices and props or optmizing blocks and what not after all that is the one thing gamers hate most…
  9. I’m pretty sure after that ur ready?
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