I posted my map 4 months ago and I've only got 42 plays. Any ideas on what might be happening?

Those are still generic names though. My don’t you use an uncommon adjective instead of ultimate?

What do you mean

For the vending machine or credit area?

different game don’t worry about it

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huh? What do you mean?

It doesn’t really matter how long it has been posted for because to get significant plays it must have a good enough thumbnail to get on trending, and then good enough gameplay to get it on community picks or for people to search it up because they want to play it. Also, a more original would help!

also you need an eye catching thumbnail to lure people in to play the game

helpful tip the better the game name is and thumbnail is the more people will play and if theres not a lot of things to do thats sometimes why people just leave or something

what the games name ill play it if u want

what is the thumbnail

I’m asking people for a thumnail.

Ultimate Battle Royale

I couldn’t find your map. Do you think it got deleted?

I don’t think so. I can’t find it on discovery either

I made a map and let it go for a weekend and it got around 50 plays. Maybe depending on the map, work on it a lot? I worked on it all week before and then published it.

I did too @Splitzy Actually, more like a couple of weeks

This happens a lot, don’t worry. I couldn’t find mine and still can’t find it.

I have the same problem my game mysteries of the ancients hasn’t gotten a lot of plays I have tried the wix but it hasn’t been working

Mark a solution?
Question solved yet, @Wayne ?

For the unique name thing, I would say make up a series title or something. For example: Gimdom or Gimcraft, or a creative combination of two words like “Snow Mercy”, “Fish Mountain”, and “Flipswap” so it’s easier to find.
Also, advertise it on Wix, in your school/town, or with your family. Idk how but I saw a few maps with emojis in the title, so that would help.

I know you monkey chunky