How do I make my map become trending or popular?

I need help to get them to become popular! I spent alot of time on each of them.

This is off-topic, but what i believe that needs to be done is it reach a lot of plays. Not exactly sure. Never published a map.

They need to have 5,000-10,000 plays or so previously after your map is published.
Also, the game has to be good. Gimkit staff choose unique and high-quality maps to be chosen for the Community Picks section.

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How do I get more plays?

Make your map good, is all I can say.
The quality and map and appeal is what makes your map a map.
Also, this is off - topic.

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Have them pretty simple, or easy to understand. Also test your map for any bugs (For example if a barrier is accidently set to collision enabled).

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I do that. It stays popular (about 100 plays) for like half an hour then no one plays after that

host games on discord on wix, tell people you know about it and if they like it they will tell their friends and their friends will tell their friends and so on.

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1: Is your thumbnail awesome?
2: Can the map catch people’s eyes immediately for them to believe how awesome it is?
3: Is the map itself really fun?
That’s all I can think of but still :slight_smile:

No offense, but that’s something you need to figure out.
The quality of a map determines whether someone wants to play it or not.
I got 10,000 plays in just three days on one map, because I worked hard on it.
I didn’t just place a few props and a device and said, yay done!

It takes determination and understanding to make a good map.
Otherwise, it’s gonna end up nowhere.
Just sayin’.
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post it in the creative discovery on the website

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