I need some ideas for barrier art

For one i would delete that comment I have said things like that in the past and got flagged in mass… and @Lostsea3 ill try to help soon Im busy at the minute though.


thank you @Legobuilder i couldn’t find any guides on how to do art is it a tecquice that i learn on my own or is there a guide couldn’t find one

I know how to make a working lava lamp with barriers but it will only work on game start

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well i learned basic pixel art from @WolfTechnology …but I might be able to help give mini-guide in a minute.


alright thank you @Legobuilder

well there is multiple guides…here is one…

but what GimNo0b does is uses a picture to create stuff in pixel art in this way I think? I just know this is how I learned from wolf-tech…its simple to make pixel art…but whats hard is making all the tiny details and make it look real like GimNo0b does.

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@Lostsea if you want I could help you with your barrier art…

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oh nevermind…you pinged me i thought you were mentioning me…nevermind.

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just simply type the code for example if the code is 12345678 then just do 12345678

give me a few minutes padlet is blocked

Wouldn’t that only be local lol? Unless you import them as barrier objects (through whatever the server setup is). Hmmmmm…

I think I might have a theory for how you modded it (yes I’m investing hours of my life into JS and the web-socket plugin to make images in gimkit).

how much longer till you j0in?

who is supposed to j0in

you said you would help

Okay i got it thanks

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I’m sending requests to actually place barrier devices, it’s server side.


@WolfTechnology heres how its going
Screenshot 2024-02-22 4.21.20 PM


Ooh, looks good! Also, what is that?

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