I need peoples help

Im making a game like keep away and need help.

What do you need help with specifically?

are you asking what you need to create like props or coding

With the map changing mechanics.

sorry i can’t help hopefully someone eles can

Not that, i need help with the randomizer, can anyone j0in and help me?

codes are not allowed if you post it on wix then maybe someone will help

Here is a search query for randomizers. https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/search?q=randomizer

Not allowed as per forum policy

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well, yeah, i know not here.

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Sure ig. (You know where to post it.) I won’t really be on it that much though.

How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version)
this might help…if you tell me more i can help…or give me some screenshots…
i’m good with randomizers…
also you know before christmas people had codes show up in screenshots and everyone would j0in even though people were strict on saying to blott that out in images!now that it is not as strict about that, nobady j0ines the codes in screenshots LOL!something i just realized.

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I know, I was going to say that I’ve never seen you online before.

lol. I still have school until 4:30. Let’s get back on topic

I’m kind of confused wdym keep away game?