I need more explanation on a bed wars game

How to i make a bed wars game i know that there are guides i just need a more easier explanation of one

Basically you have to break the other teams bed, then eliminate the other team to win. If you don’t break the bed, they can respawn


I know that but how do i make one

Or just take out the bed to win. It’s easy.

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(:newspaper: Resources) Resources for Bedwars - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
The Blizzian Bedwars Guide - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
The Ultimate Guide to Gimkit Bedwars - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
Have you looked at all of these guides? And if so what do you find confusing for the code?


@Sythic it is not the code yet it is the set up

Ok. For elimination, setup your typical battle royal thing where player ko’d, switch to spectator, etc. BUT, add a trigger that is deactivated on start. Use a bed and configure it so that bed broken=trigger activated and lifecycle and team switcher are wired to the trigger, lifecycle in, team switcher out.

What do you mean by set up? Like where the beds are placed and the islands? Or more like where the code is connected and what you need?

@FlyinKid simpler
@Sythic the code and wires


Umm that might be the simplest I could make it

Oh do you have pictures @FlyinKid

Not right now, I don’t.

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I could make some tho

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Please do @FlyinKid id appreciate it

Ok finished

Just make trigger inactive on game start and you’re good!

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Also the bed activates the trigger

What are the wires options

Lifecycle triggers the trigger on player knocked out
Trigger switches the team to spectators
Bed activates trigger or trigger to team switcher wire won’t work

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And the devices can you send me a picture of setup like what the code looks like