I need ideas of what to build

for “who are you talking about?” i was referring to the You coming back to the forum? :slight_smile: post by @WolfTechnology

Ah- ok.

Well, if you really want to make something impossible, I recommend 3D rendering with filled faces, since that hasn’t been done yet. (Although I still recommend not making a jump directly to that.)

ok, @Blackhole927

i’ll take something simpler that 3d rendering

ok graphing calculator, because i know pretty much nothing

Alright- here are the steps I recommend you take.

  1. Graphing Calculator
  2. Platformer
  3. 3D Renderer (points or wireframe)
  4. 3D Platformer (hasn’t been made yet)

i meant or instead of ok

I’ll go with a 3d platformer, thanks!

Good luck!

@Blackhole927, I need to find out how to do 3d rendering on gimkit. Can you help me please?

There isn’t really a guide on it
this does exist

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ok, so I guess I won’t because there isn’t a real way to do it

i’ll come up with something later

it’s possible I recommend starting with something easier

can gimkit creative detect if you press your keys on your keyboards


ok @Foxy, I will come up with something else

As I said- this is pretty difficult stuff and so you should start with something easy, like a graphing calculator. If you want to know how to make one, a tutorial can be found here:

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get linked @VWOOM

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