I need Ideas for guides/ Gimkit Creative that people want

Any ideas and stuff you want me to whup my buttock trying to figure out but please dont give me anything over like around 7/10

because I need my buttock =|

This might help a bit, though some stuff in here is a little bit more advanced. It will be fun to figure them out though!


You have any desired creations that have not been turned into a guide?

hard stuff is fine just too much is annoying

I don’t make maps. Everything else I can think of are hard board games.


Maybe a guide about a specific type of game genre?


I need originality and what the people want

An escape room?

I need originality!! something that doesnt exist or people want to exist Not anything that has already been done

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A guide: “how to make a property decrease by 10!” MAKE IT (please)

what kind of property

… Any property… Is there more than one kind?

Ok i will try to see what I can do

but what the heck do You need that for?

Do you know block coding much?

a bit of it I have used it a few times

I found out how to do it, but I had to create a whole help post for it. I needed it for my shop

Catan or Civ 5/6 The hexagons make it challenging


well back to square 1 ;-;