I need Ideas for guides/ Gimkit Creative that people want

Because my “coins” were a property

Ok, that’s good. Try making your own version of a calculator! Shouldn’t be too difficult, because of the choice of blocks inside Gimkit.

a working calculator like a functional Calculator?

A working calculator. Really, it’s up to you, because it’s your guide!

How about a roller coaster (has that already been made?)

I don’t think roller coasters have been made

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that is something that seems interesting

you could add theme park themed games, i dont think that’s been done yet.

yea that would be cool, you could make like minny games around the park

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let me try that and see if that seems good

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it would get a lot of plays if you make the name sound cool, and add a cool thumbnail

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Maybe recreate classic boardgames, like Chutes & Ladders?

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does anyone know how to change your profile picture

this is off topic but its at your preferences

antother thing you could do is a video game outside of gimkit like call of duty and do your best to replicate it in gimkit

Yeah, I’m doing that sort of thing but I’m making a class-based shooter like tf2.

thats an old game! but i think a lot of people will like that idea

This seems weird but how about Mario Run? You can start making props, and then when DLD style comes to creative (early 2024), you can make it the real thing.