I need Ideas for guides/ Gimkit Creative that people want

i think thats a good idea it would take a lot of time to make and a lot of time to promote, but yea

I think it will take a few months to make the props, but that will be enough time for DLD STYLE TO REALES!

what is DLD style , i’ve never heard of it, maybe ive never heard of it because i am fairly new to the gimkit comunity

You could try calculating the amount of coins you would have after buying your item, then using a trigger as an if loop to decrement it?

Dont look down is dld

o yea that makes sence now

mario run would go great with DLD style, that is an amazing idea

Don’t Look Down

Try it out! It is fun to play DLD

how do i do that ? i dont see it anywere

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I only have 7 periods, and my ELA and SS teacher Loves Gimkit! We play DLD everyday


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Ah. What were your methods of decrementing it by 10? Also my apologies for somehow skipping that part, I do not have a single inkling about how I missed that.

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You could make your comment a wiki.

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Mario Party.

Um, I already suggested Mario Run.

Mario Run is a mobile 2d sidescroller. Mario Party would be like _____Land but better. They are not the same.

Um, You could do that, but that could need to use mechanics that will also use less memory.

Making the map for Mario Party wouldn’t take very long. The minigames would be what would take up most of your memory.

I am going to do mario run Im doing an goomba


@ClicClac , whats the new padlet password?