I need ideas for a pvp map

A semi-circle combined with a sorta curvy rectangle shape with 2 completely different biomes.

A speed boost/ damage boost game overlay:

can you explain it more in depth?

You don’t want a rectangle/square map so using a mix of shapes would be fun, just ran around and hold down your mouse.
A speed/damage boost overlay allows players to have short burst of action that can make the tables turn. Since the normal gamemodes don’t have overlat boost it’s fun to have them in maps.
2 biomes is what the theme could be. Examples:
If you think about it choosing biomes is like using a color wheel. You could just 2 completely opposite things and get something that looks cool or use ones that are close together to make it have a connected feel to it.

good idea but I should incorparate that in a map but I need like the theme. Sure I can make shapes but how do I make the distances even for different players on different teams?

The theme could be: Battle of the biomes: Dessert with Desert versous Savana of Soliders. Or something like that.

Here @AAREN :
For the red team, use red plastic floor tiles. For the blue team, use blue plastic tiles. Make the arena a diamond, with the two sides divided equally in half. After you do this, Make a 5 x 5 square in the center with alternating colors of concrete and dry grass. Put the spawn points somewhat close to the hill, so that players will be forced to back up to avoid enemy fire. In order to ensure that the players only spawn in their designated spots, go into the Spawn Pad’s settings and set one as team 1 and the other as team 2. You can add machine gun posts by adding a barrier with collision on so that your’e protected but the enemy’s cannot shoot you. Once you do this, make a sniper post by placing a wheelbarrow (the one with the barrel on top) and use this as a hiding place to snipe people from.

ty guys. Ill use both of our ideas.

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