I need ideas for a pvp map

Need to have a point for a hill.
Cannot be too big because there wont be many players. But need to be big enough for 10 players
It is a blue vs red map so I need spots for 2 spawn points.
Need to be somewhat original.
The map cannot be a “square” as it feels a little plain and boring.

Add in an “underground” section.

can you add on? I dont understand wat u mean by that.

Like you add telepoters leading to a different room that you can say is the uderpart of the map.

Oh, I get exactly what you mean. You would have to randomize teleporters.
They would lead to different pvp activities, like a simple 1v1 or basketball or something.

Tbh, that’d take forever because there’s gonna be at least 5 activities for 10 players, but maybe it won’t be. You need ideas for 1v1 games?

I agree with Wolf, my friend made a map that starts as an underground base so basically just make it far away like a hidden underground base that you have to find and the teleporter is invisible and you make it so that there is 1 op weapon (legendary zapper or legendary p.m.l.) that only 1 player can get and the teleporter is a one way and you have to use the teleporter on the inside of the base and both of the teleporters get replaced with a plant after use.

I dont know what you guys mean. It is a red vs blue map and I need a spot for a hill

How would i impliment this?

You caould just have the map split into two sections red plastic as the terrain on one side and blue on the other. Then tint all the props on each side to Hex of what shade on blue and red you wante and then have a small thin line of purple where the red and blue meet.

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There is no way to make a hill in gimkit it is a 2d game

Yea if you make like 2d 3d art.

True, true

by hill I mean I am making a zone in which you enter you gain points.

Oh ok. Lemme get u a guide.


i need ideas for a map. i have the logic

Oh ok.

My map has to be more than square shaped.