I need ideas for a basic game

Title says it all. I need ideas for a game. I would like it to be something fun in real life. For example, before, I have made dodgeball and laser tag. I need something like that. I may give you credit, if there ends up being a credit section.

CTF (Capture The Flag)


Red Light, Green Light. Theres a guide —> Septdraconian Red Light Green Light


Hope this helps

instant turnoff. you can’t be advertising codes on this forum regardless. don’t matter if u have it on ur nickname. or if it’s invalid or not. that will get u banned.

It isn’t a code. It’s just my username that I use for almost everything. Should I change it?

Ur kinda stuck with that name now :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

2 ideas:

Both are decently basic.

Sentry war, you have 50 sentries at your disposal, you can use them to make big sentries, strong sentries, infantry, and more. So it’s just a giant AI war, 1 sentry knockout that’s bad = coins, coins= cash to buy sentries

So just entertainment!

2nd: A battlefield game. There’s a sentry king, but he’s super strong. There are even guards and units! You can use animation for them moving. The more you play and better you perform, hey these are good game ideas! The better stuff you can get to defeat the opposing team (since I can’t say m meh knee pronounce it out loud…) king!

I will try it! Thank you!

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Which one you doing? I can give more help if you need it.

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I am trying the first one.

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Good luck!

It’s very basic, but, surprisingly fun! It’s like you place down a unit, see how it performs, then repeat!!

I will post questions about it on a different forum post, though. Thanks for your help!

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Got it! Thank you. I will add you in the credits.

Hmmmm… maybe try… Intense thinking to avoid copyright and give you a unique game

  1. try a horror game where you have to survive the night
  2. Recreate my favorite coolmath game Big Tower Tiny Square
  3. Make a game like the purge.
    But remember,
  4. Avoid copyright
  5. Keep it appropriate, would you be comfortable with showing your parents and the school principal?
  6. Be original
  7. Have fun.

I will keep this stuff in mind, thank you very much.

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Lol. The contradiction is crazy.

But that’s a good developers checklist!

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