I need help with this _

I want to make an entrance to something but only be able to open it if you have the “gold key”. I asked someone and they answered it, but they were not being specific enough and gimkit closed it down


Put a zone in front of the door that requires the key. Wire a checker to the zone so

Person enters zone → run check

Make the check checking if amount of certain item (keys) is equal to 1.

Wire the checker to the barrier (im assuming you are using a barrier for the door) so
Check passes → deactivate barrier

I’m thinking that you need to use a button linked to a vending machine to take the key , and then you need to wire the vending machine to the barrier so that if the purchase is successful, the barrier will deactivate.


Checkers are the specific device for this, and vending machines take a lot of memory. And wires are almost useless compared to channels. Wires are a) memory hungry compared to channels, which use no memory at all, b) not as diverse, as channels have more options, and c) make editing harder because it can clutter your screen. And don’t forget to mark a solution @slay_person as these all can work.

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This guide is a bit outdated, since checker bugs were patched, but hey, it works.

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Ya I think that would work

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I made a new game recently called trailville and I realized that you can give the Stache sentry water without even having water. If someone could tell me how to make it so that you actually NEED the water I’d really appreciate that. Rn I’m just hoping that I made convincing enough for people to get the water in the first place.

Please make a separate help topic for that

I did something similar in trailville

And by using a checker

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If you want to use a vending machine, get rid of the button and just make it invisible.


Remember to mark solutions @slay_person! @LlamaLady22, @Foxy and @WhoAmI have already answered the topic!

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When I helped make the famous game “Jailbreak!” (I made map and key details, while @Gimkit_kid did the coding) Gimkit_kid and I used different
techniques for coding checkers. One technique was code named the button. There is a button right beside the door, when you press the button, the wire runs the check. We then make two different wires where if a condition is false, you cannot unlock (open) the area, but if its true, you can unlock the area. If you reply, I will show you a demonstration on how it works.

I would recommend removing this.

why this will not be marked a soultion

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When triggered, have a checker check for an item amount (your gold key). If you don’t have it, the door doesnt open.

When the check passes, have a negative item granter take away the key if you want it to be a one time use.