How To Make A Item Required Door (🟩)

In This Tutorial, I Will Show You How To Make A Item Required Door (Difficulty: :green_square: )

First, Place Down A Barrier And A Checker

Then, Click On The Checker And Select 'Check #1

After That, Under The Item Section, Type The Item That Is Required For Your Door. For Me, I Selected Cash.

Scroll Down, And Under The Value Section, Put The Amount Of The Item Required For The Door. I Put 5.

Click Anywhere To Exit The Checker Manage Screen And Then, Click ‘Z’ On Your Keyboard Or Click The Plus And Select, “Wires”. Finally, Click The Checker And Then The Barrier.

Then Click, “Check Passes” Under ‘Checker’ And Then Click, “Deactivate Barrier” Under ‘Barrier’.

Now, You’ve Finished The Item Required Door! Hope This Tutorial Helped You!

(You Can Also Click The Barrier And On The Bottom Left Corner, Select The, “Change Size” Button To Change The Size Of The Barrier)

Also, To Activate The Item Required Door, Connect A Button To The Checker With A Wire, Like This:


Why don’t you just post in the actual Guide, not a reply?

I Don’t Know How, But It Still Works, Am I Right?

The guide itself is fine, but you should put it in the main post.

As this could be flagged.

Should I Paste It In Right Now?


And, there isn’t a way to check your inventory in the guide, You’ll need a button connected to the Checker. Button Pressed → Run Check.

I Did It, I Pasted Everything In The Main Post.

To Be Honest, I Don’t Really Know What That Means

It means you take a button and a checker, wire them together (hence the → ) and in the wire settings, put button pressed for the button and run check for the checker.

Also, that button is necessary, as without it, it won’t do anything and this guide is useless.

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Thanks For The Extra Details @ClicClac!

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Nice guide!

(wow, this has been made a lot of times)

Nice guide!

Thanks Bro, I Really Appreciate That Reply.

Nice guide!

Honestly, though…


Really nice guide! Can’t you also use a vending machine so that it costs 5 money to get in?


Some people might not want having to purchase something to move on, they might just want a checker to check if the player has enough of an item (from killing sentries) to avoid skipping.
(I personally would use vending machines but :man_shrugging:)

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Yeah, like I prefer using checkers and negative item granters to using vending machines, i just think its more flexible that way.

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