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I’m working on that right now, @slay_person. (Welcome to the forum)

Do you want it to be a fake bookshelf that they open, or a normal door?

What I do is a vending machine hooked to the object, and when the object on vending machine is bought, make it hide the prop, also, don’t forget to make the vending maching dissappear, and channel, or just put no item bought.

Place down a bookshelf and a vending machine (not visible to players in-game.) The settings for the vending machine look like this. (You can see how it’s placed to the left of the settings)

Next, place down a second bookshelf next to the first one. Then a wire going from the vending machine to the first bookshelf: Item purchased :arrow_right: Hide prop. Now add a second wire from the vending machine to the second bookshelf: Item purchased :arrow_right: Show prop. And finally a zone. Now add a wire going from the zone to the second bookshelf: Player enters zone :arrow_right: Hide prop. Also put a wire from the second bookshelf to the vending machine: Prop made visible​:arrow_right: Deactivate machine.
And you’re done!

You can also add a zone above the bookshelf so that it closes behind them. Wire it to the first bookshelf: Player enters zone :arrow_right: Show prop. Then wire the zone to the second bookshelf: Player enters zone :arrow_right: Hide prop.

There you go! Hope that helps!

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I might not’ve understood what you were saying, but if you do, try it.

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BaconBitz is easy to understand, and it even has a screenshot.

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I am not denying that you helped. You contributed a lot.
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