I need help with the game snake

A reference guide for this is the JSN part of this guide

no not snake.io the Google snake.

@TorontoBulls1 are we talking about the same snake.

Uh yeah. I misunderstood what they said not what you meant.

Just to confirm you run around and get apples and you progressively get faster and longer and try to avoid hitting yourself or the walls. Its also one player

Yes correct @TorontoBulls1

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Actually, I created snake before, I can try to find it but I shared it in the official discord, if you have access to that.

Basically, you use emoji displays and the menu guide. There is a lot more that I would need to explain, but I don’t have time right now so I’ll do that later.

Heads up, my version was kinda laggy.

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I haven’t made it yet but i think i could pretty easily. Can you real quick explain the tail and turning system. I have a new idea for it but i want another method to compare it too.

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Currently i am pushing a new body segment to the array at the position of the head after being drawn (so it doesn’t actually render) and then when drawing if the array is longer than the correct tail length it shifts it removing the oldest tail segment. Basically all the body/tail segments are static in position

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I use a line of text as the property that stores the coordinates all of the snake parts, and each tick when the snake moves, I add a new coordinate corresponding to a part in the direction of the last-inputted movement while removing the last coordinate corresponding to a part

Yeah thats my system too.