I need help with the game snake

I’l be off till like 7:00 so tell me when you find it.

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@wingwave did you find anything.

Do you have any familiarity with coding languages? (Outside of gimkit). You’ll have to create a syntax to simulate arrays.

Be patient.

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Not much maybe some Python ands some scratch.

So you know how to make snake in one of those? If so you should be good. I can give you a few ideas for the display

What is

one of those?

Can you explain. also I only have the moving set up basically

By one of those i meant do you have the ability to make snake in of the programs listed above

Not at all.

Sadly I just started Python

No its fine. Learning code is awesome. Personally i do frontend web development stuff (html, css, and javascript and I am still very beginning in those)

I would suggest watching tutorials to understand how to code the mechanics behind the game before making it in gimkit. It seems pretty simple and straightforward until you try to tackle creating certain systems, namely ending the game when you run into yourself or having kinks in the snakes tail where you turn.

Alternatively i could walk you through some of the mechanics necessary to make it.

Can you that would be great.

Sure. I’ll list some systems and you tell me which ones you want to tackle first


If you can’t decide just go down the list in order

Okay yea that a lot.

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Okay can you help with the movement?

Sure. You have a joystick kinda thing setup from earlier correct?

Well not really anymore I tried my idea and it didn’t work so I deleted it.

The snake io video game?

Ok so you will want to make a joystick for the player. To do this have them spawn in one area and have triggers in each cardinal direction. When the triggers are stepped on teleport the player back to the center of the joystick and also broadcast on a channel for each direction (up, down, left, right)