I need help with the game snake

So I’m making a bunch of text games and I want to make snake.

I know somebody has done it so I would like to know if someone can help me with it.

Can someone help?
please reply

what do you need help on specifically

I need help on the mechanics like making the snake move and whenever eating a apple growing.

do you have anything so far

And how do you plan on making this? Do you want it to be like Apoll02 platformer, with pixel art? Or using the gim?

No not really but I have the idea of how I will make it.

whats your idea? Cause I need something to start off with

Oh I’m using pixel art.

Ok. Lemme try to find a screenshot that may help real quick…

So here is my idea for how I will do it.

so example the board was 10X10 I would have a ten by ten of zone and a long delay and make it teleport to the zone.

Let me add more.

How’s movement going to be? I have 2 ideas, but do you have an idea yet?

Not well I started but It didn’t work

Oh, ok. Here’s my ideas:

  • You could have the Gim sit in one area in the middle of the map with trigger surrounding it. Those triggers would move the snake around. This is the laggier, harder way
  • You could have a coordinate plane with zones move the snake when the Gim does. I suggest using this one, but it will be tedious.

Can I have a picture on how it would look?

which one?

I believe this guide has that?

The first one

with the trigger.

yeah something like that

im trying to find a gif that helps a lot but i cant seem to find it


@wingwave did you find it

nope still lookin