I need help with temple art

Heyo, so I’m making a cookie clicker game and I need help with how to make a temple like thing.


thank you, but unfortunately this doesn’t help for what I’m asking.
it will help for something else tho.

oh mb…

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A temple? Can you elaborate?

So, if you play cookie clicker one of the things you can buy is a temple.
I am making a cookie clicker game and I need a temple for my fourth option to buy.

check this help topic, they found a solution: Seeking Guidance for Crafting an Ancient Temple! :classical_building: - Help - Gimkit Creative

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ancient temple? egypt temple? jungle temple? Let me know what i could be working with if you would

So, do you need help with the game mechanics of the temple option, or do you want a design of a temple with props?

I need a temple design with props.