Seeking Guidance for Crafting an Ancient Temple! 🏛

Seeking Guidance for Crafting an Ancient Temple Vibe! :classical_building::sparkles:

Greetings fellow creators! I’m embarking on a thrilling quest to fashion an old temple-inspired creation, but I’m in a bind when it comes to layering it just right. If you’re a seasoned architect of virtual realms or possess an eye for intricate designs, your expertise is exactly what I need!

Here’s the scoop: I’m yearning to infuse depth and authenticity into my temple creation. The challenge lies in perfecting the art of layering – from weathered stones to mystical engravings, every detail counts!

If you’ve mastered the craft of temple aesthetics or have a knack for layering magic, I’d love your input. And hey, why not sprinkle some visual inspiration? Share images, blueprints, or anything that might spark the ancient vibes!

help me on this creative journey, and let’s sculpt a digital masterpiece that echoes the whispers of history!

Here’s the challenge: I’m aiming for a timeless aesthetic, bathed in shades of gray, with layers that echo the passage of centuries. From the weather-beaten exterior to the intricate details, I want every layer to narrate a chapter of history.

How would you approach the creation of this venerable temple? What techniques or tools can be employed to achieve that perfect aged and deeply layered look? Share your wisdom, tips, or even visual references if you have them!

:pray: Could you spare a moment to share your insights? Whether it’s tips, tricks, or just a fresh perspective, I’m all ears (or eyes, in this case). :memo::email: Your help might be the missing piece that unlocks the next level of this creative puzzle.

You could use tinted alien plants to make a hanging vine thing:

Screenshot 2024-01-11 6.59.41 PM


random tips

  1. marble terrain would probably look best if you want a different texture you can tint terrain
    How to Tint Terrain ⬜
  2. have a different outside and inside that you teleport between; it makes the build look nicer
  3. start on the lower layers(1st and 2nd) and make it the base while the higher layers add more details

You could use this guide, modify it a bit and combine it with what gimkit_h4ck3r said.

Hello community! I’ve been trying 3D terrain creation but encountered some issues. If you’re experienced in 3D design, your insights could be really helpful!

Here’s the situation: My attempt at crafting 3D terrain didn’t quite work out. Whether it’s tools, techniques, or common pitfalls, I’d love to hear from those who’ve mastered the art.

please help meeeeeeeee

Are you trying to make a pit?

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no, can you see the title??? (not trying to be rude)

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Yes, some temples had pits in them (I think). What is your goal with the 3d art?

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to make a layered temple with moss as a spawn point for my game

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how could i make this?

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Step Pyramid

5x5 in the center, on layer 5
6x6 on layer 3
7x7 on layer 2
8x8 on layer 1
3x3 or higher Ramps on layer 4

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i like it but its hard to see, how do i fix that?

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You could use gray on one layer, green on another.

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or maybe barriers as well?

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how to make a pyramid!! difficulty: 3/10
first add a barrier with no border and fully seen:

change the size

copy it but less wide

keep doing that until it looks kinda like this:

now you have a pyramid!

…but its not a pyramid, it needs to be a mossy temple… (sorry)