I need help with sentry randomizing

how do you make sentrys apear behind for example 2 of 3 doors in a room?

Use a randomizer to choose which channels activate the sentries

thanks I didn’t think of that.

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there is no randomizer device

What do you mean?

i looked at the device section in add and there is no randomizer device

It isn’t a randomizer device, it’s a guide on how to make one.

OHHHHH you have to put the block code in a trigger device.
Screenshot 2023-12-11 10.06.29 AM

but how do i do THAT?

Use the guide that @The_7th_Dragon gave you.

For the part where it says “Option 1” or “Option 2” and all the other ones that say option, those are channels. You can go to the sentry’s settings and make it activate on whatever channel you want to put in there.

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Screenshot 2023-12-11 10.10.26 AM
Here’s my example:
Screenshot 2023-12-11 10.11.07 AM
It’s pretty much the same thing.

how do I get to that?

Click the trigger, then press blocks in the top left corner

how do i get the random integer?

the luck event #

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