I need help with decorating my creative map

i suck at decorating so if someone could hop in and decorate for me that would be awesome

well you can’t post codes but we can talk to you and suggest

i could use discord if needed

theres no private messaging here

pms no work

how pm? mmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn

here just tell us what you need help building and we can try

terrain and houses and stuff like that

okay and whats the theme of it, how do you want the house to look, are there feauters you want in this game

its a battle royale with multiple different places, grassland, desert, and others i need help with

okay a battle royale well i have places to be but im going to give it over to these people so just wait theyll come here

@WolfTechnology @GimSolver @THEHACKER120 @FersionSpeedy @Cellofive @Blizzy

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ok thank you! I appreciate your help

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Huh, I’ve been pinged, what do you need help with.
Edit :NVM reading post


So @real_emmittYT what is the theme of your map?

battle royale with different places, snowy area, desert, grasslands, and buildings

Battle royal
Green Bushes,
Green Plant Sentries
Rocks, enlarges covered with snow piles
Snowy Trees,
Ice barriers,
Dry bush,
Dry tree,

For storm add:

yea thats obv but im not good at it it just looks like a mess, so could i get smth to reference

Okie, pictures coming up.
Edit: Wait sry Gimkit is blocked after 9:30 P.M so I’ll have to do it tomorrow

ah dang alr thanks cya tmrw

Okie, I mean I’ll still be on, but I can’t access gimkit :frowning: