I need help with creating a save file for my players

I have been trying to make a save file for days…
I am using this guide, but can’t quite understand it.

From what I know, we’re having a player input a code into a multidigit counter, which sends a signal to a property. From there, the property sends a signal to a text’s block code, and the block code takes care of the rest. Am I missing anything?
Btw, my main problems are applying the save file to the current one and showing the players save file code to the player.


The counter updates a property which is then deciphered by block code, probably in a trigger. What do you need the player to be able to save? (Inventory, progress, score)

Eliminations. I have them on a counter. Also levels. I used this guide for that;

Do you want to save both Exp and Level?

@Foxy is correct. You have to have limit so your save code doesn’t break. Example if you have a 4 digit code you can’t save a 5 digit level.

we need the maximum that can happen as well
ex: max level


yes. I want to save both.

There is no maximum level.

there needs to be save cannot deal with that

ok them. how about 99?

k and exp?

Ok so you’re going to want a six digit save code.

Two for eliminations # (max is 99)
Two for levels (max is 99)
And two for exp (it auto resets at 99)

If you need a higher max just say so

there is 100 maximum exp

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well 100 = new level so just 99


eliminations max is 300.

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i gtg see you later.


so 7 digit code?

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Should we save it as a number or text string?

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number would be better


I prefer text strings for longer saves since extracting pieces is easier but this is pretty short.

Screenshot 2024-02-14 4.42.28 PM

I believe this should work @Godspawnking


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